It is time Accelerate your Income with Top Tier Commissions!

Hey Folks,

I am extremely excited to announce our “Income Accelerator Program” So many of our affiliates and distributors have been asking for big ticket items to sell for big commissions.

To be honest that is why I have been “Missing in Action” quite a bit. I have been working a lot with Eric Louvier who has thousands of local clients paying him month in and month out.

Q. What is the course?

A. It is a step by step course on how to get thousands of local network marketers and brick and mortar businesses calling you giving YOU business.

Q. How do I qualify for commissions on the course?

A. Sell two retail copies of the course and then on the third sale you will qualify for commissions. Or own the course yourself by purchasing it. If you do not qualify commissions will be passed up to your upline :-(

Q. What is the price of the course and how will commissions be distributed?

A. We will be paying out 70% commissions total. So out of $1497.00 we will pay out $1047.90. Of the total payout 80% will go to the direct referral or $838.32 and 20% will go to the up line. If you do not qualify for the commissions they will go to the next person in your up line who is qualified.

Q. How much does the course cost?

A. During the first week of release the course will cost $1497.00 after the end of the first week it will cost $1997.00 (we will again payout the total of 70%)

Q. When can I find out more about this amazing course?

A. Soon.. very soon :-) We are expecting to release it within the next 7 to 10 days!

Get ready to make MASSIVE Top Tier commissions!

If you have any additional questions please post them here on the blog. Please do not put questions in the help desk as they will be ignored. Post your questions here only please :-)

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO




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