Facebook Instant Income System Daily Core Commitments.

Hey Team,

The Facebook Instant Income System is doing VERY well so I wanted to put together for you some daily action steps to keep your business growing.

Facebook Instant Income System Daily Core Commitments.


  1. Invite 5 people a day to the group. To learn how to Invite watch the video here on this blog post you can also watch this video on how to get people to say “yes” to join your team
  2. Comment on 10 different posts in the group per day in the group. Make yourself known
  3. Recognize 2 peoples accomplishments in the group like so. You can see a good example here


Remember the top 4 reasons people join a Network Marketing company are:


  1. Leadership – be the leader, be positive, mentor others
  2.  Recognition – People want community, to feel good in front of leadership., Use charisma, compliment others.
  3. Opportunity – People want to make money. Explain the 100% comp plan. No one does it with such a product suite of tools.
  4. Product – Know why we have the products, their value in the marketplace


Keep up the great work team!!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & Pureleverage.com