The Four Quadrants of Knowledge – A Must See to Expand Your Business!

Hey Team,

First if you missed my first blog with over 700 comments on how to take Massive Action and truly become rich then please watch that blog here first as this blog is a follow up to that one,

One of the biggest causes of my own failures.. (remember it took me 2 years to make my first penny online) was the simple fact that I did not recognize the 4 quadrants of learning and knowledge. Not recognizing them can lead people to be very stubborn when it comes to learning and acquiring   new knowledge.

1. Your Unconscious Incompetence

This simply means you “Don’t know what you Don’t know”. This is the stage I lived in for 2 years. I had the attitude that no one could teach me anything, and anyone trying to teach me something just wanted my hard earned money! I was frankly being stupid.. I Consciously thought I knew everything but in reality I Unconsciously knew nothing! The minute you think you can not learn anything new, your business stops growing and you start to die.

2. Your Conscious Incompetence

This is a great place to be in. You usually enter this phase when you stop being stubborn about your business. Have you ever started to learn about something you were not aware of in your business and then you say to yourself

“Oh Geeze,.. I had no clue about this. There is a lot to learn that I had no idea about?”

Once you enter this phase you become very “Conscious about what you need to learn”. In this phase you recognize that fact that there is a lot to know and you become way more receptive to learning from others. This is a great place to be, and once you fall into this phase rarely do you turn back to phase 1. You are smart enough now to know that education in business is a lifelong process. I make it a point to learn something new every day!


3. Your Conscious Competence

In this phase you have learned a new skill but you have not quite mastered it. It is something that you know well but you will still struggle with applying this new knowledge from time to time. Maybe you just started doing ads on Faceook as example, you know it  is important, and you know how to do it, but you have yet to master the art of conversions with your Facebook ads etc..

4. Your Unconscious Competence

This is a phase of Mastery! That is you know how to do something so well that you can do it Unconsciously. We often hear the term “I can do that in my sleep” or “I know that like the back of my hand” Usually when you have mastered something so well you forget that it is acquired knowledge. You find yourself thinking or saying to others.. “You don’t know that? Everyone knows that” When in reality it is an acquired skill that few know but you have mastered it!

Although mastering a skill is a great thing, it can sometimes be dangerous as once again you can become stubborn or arrogant thinking that the world can’t teach you nothing because you know everything :-)!

So before you start thinking oh god I know this stuff.. maybe you do, just please recognize that education is an on going process that never stops though out your business lifespan. Once you stop learning, you and your business stop growing!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO