About Joel

My first professional career right out of University was as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab Specialist. I was working at a hospital in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Despite an amazing boss, great colleagues and a great salary of $52 000 a year I quit eight months into it.

I just realized very quickly that working for someone else was not going to provide me with the future that I desired for me and my family. I remember saying to myself "Ok so now I do stress testing at this hospital for the next 40 years? Yuk!"

In 1997 I registered my very first domain name called "AylmerKiosk.com". The idea behind this domain was to build a local information portal for the town of "Aylmer" that I lived in. My goal back then was to just have a few dollars to either supplement my income or pay my mortgage.

Within 6 months of AylmerKiosk.com going live I had 400 hosting clients all paying me $20 a month. That was a gross revenue of $96 000 a year! Almost double of what I was making at the hospital already! Man was I pumped.

What I did not realize was that was just the "Tip of the Ice burg" of what was possible" Back then, affiliate programs were rare, VERY rare. But I was lucky enough to find a software to run our MLM which is still today Kiosk.ws. What I was making a year is often now what we make in a day! Of course we have alot of staff to pay, but never the less what we have I never thought possible. It is all our great affiliates around the world that we have to thank for such an amazing company.

Thank you to ALL of you!

Our next goal is to become one of the first cyber MLM companies to go to fortune 100 status. This goal WILL be realized and it part of our strategic plan for the building of our data center in San Antonio Texas, where fiber optics is very reliable and yet very cheap in cost.

Looking back, I had the wrong attitude with my "dreams" I certainly was not shooting nearly high enough. All of us listen to that little comforting voice in the back of our minds that dictate our realm of possibility and safety. The problem is that little voice is what holds us back in our comfort zone.

If there is one thing I have learned is that VERY LITTLE HAPPENS IN OUR COMFORT ZONE. Learn to stay out of it. Remember, there will be plenty of safety once you are six feet under the ground. By then it is too late!


About Mike

Joel and I work very well together. Our long friendship shines through as we first met back in grade 3, in the good old Elementary school days.

We went through Elementary school together and soon blasted through high school and played on the same offensive line for our Provincial all star football team. (Joel played right guard and I played left guard!)

Once high school was completed Joel went off to University and I changed directions and went to Trade school completing a 4 year stone mason apprenticeship program.

I spent 12 years in the stone trade working 8 of those years on the Parlement Buildings in Ottawa Canada.

From working on the Washington monument to the massive water fountain that now sits in front of City Hall in Manhattan New York, I have always taken pride and dedication in the tasks that fall upon me.

Joel and I re united back in 2001...the blue print was created! We have simply just followed through with our ideas and made them into a reality. We have never given up on anything. "How can you fail if you have never tried it!"

This was the start and birth of GVO Hosting, and a new soon to be GVO conference.

"Any thoughts and ideas can be achieved! Creating and building, followed by incredible results and business explosion is what keeps us pumped up and running full throttle."

One of my favorite quotes only speaks the truth...

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Thomas A. Edison

Joel and I truly hope to be working with you very soon!


About GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities)

GVO is a dynamic and powerful web hosting company.

Unlike many other web hosting companies, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best business building tools on the planet that are all included with your hosting account. From incredible auto-responder software, audio and video conferencing, lead capture and video producing systems. We have it all covered for you!

The reason we can create a powerful web hosting account is that we own everything for our Data Center, hardware, all lines of code, fiber optics and resources. There is absolutely no middle man when it comes to our company. It's our customers and us... that's it!

We have been hosting web sites for over 12 years and hosting clients from across the globe. Nowhere in the web hosting industry will you find everything that we offer all under one powerful web hosting account for one very low monthly fee. We are truly the one stop shop for your web hosting needs.

Our operations started in Gatineau Quebec, Canada. As our turnkey systems were developed and put in the hands of our consumers, we soon realized that we needed more resources to be able to blow this hosting operation worldwide.

Starting our market research on finding a new location for our new data center was well underway. With many hours and thousands of miles traveled we soon found Texas to be top in the industry for endless amount of fiber optics and resources.

We moved our operations down to San Antonio Texas in 2007. It has been a dream comes true! Creating incredible systems that go international overnight is an incredible feeling. It's all about helping other achieve their online goals and getting them into profit as soon as possible.

You will enjoy your GVO web hosting experience; we hope to be working with you very soon!

To your success,

Joel Therien

Mike Potvin
VP/Marketing Director

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