Video 2. Simple as 1-2-3 to build your website for yourself or anyone!

Hey Team,

If you have not yet watched video one, in order to get the full value from this video above,  I highly recommend you watch video one here on my blog!

The first video gives a good explanation of what is, how it is used, and why it is an EXCEPTIONAL value in  the marketplace. It helped a lot of our new users to fully understand the power of what we offer.

Here is what is Unique about

>> We offer a full website presence to any business who can change their own website on the fly with no technical knowledge.

>> We offer a way for people to generate leads from their website and an automated way to follow up with those leads so they come to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you.

>> We offer an easy video system so people can add great videos to their site.

>> We offer an amazing LIVE meeting software to close customers in any business.

Anyway to get what we offer, again watch video one here.

This video on this page is a step by step process on how to build your website for yourself or a prospect from scratch. So who can use this web presence and tools? ANY Network Marketer NEEDS these tools as well as ANY small business!

Let me know what you think of video 2 here on my blog, I want to make it better with your feedback before we place it in the members area 😀

Thanks for all you do team!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

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124 Responses to Video 2. Simple as 1-2-3 to build your website for yourself or anyone!

  • Joel This is great. Can I get a copy of the video that I can just give to new sign ups?

  • Cool!!!

  • Thanks Joel this is Great

  • An huge Ok from Italy!

  • Joel and Terry!  Freaking awesome guys…I am curious though in regards to setting something up for another business…are you suggesting that I would (for example) do it in there account to get them started when they join, or is there a way for me to have multiple domains listed within my own account.
    Terry set up a Pooch one..would he also be able to set up a Cat one within his account, or would a separate account be needed.  He deleted all the originally posts and pages so I am curious how this should all go down.
    Dave Gardner

  • Thank Joel and Terry for your training.

  • great job guys. precise, understandable and thourough.  I think even at 66, I can do this .Ha ………talk later,   doing blobs    R

  • Joel, This is a great video on how to build a web site.

  • Joel,

    If i never made it at all in GVO/Pureleverage…I would owe you guys literally ‘thousands’ of dollars for what I have learned from you and your team. I will make it because…it will be my way of paying back for it all….

  • ATAP MARKETING.  This is the direction we are going.  This is amazing we hired a web builder just so we could do what you showed us here.  Thanks.
    Floyd…Elisha Productions.

  • Did you build this blog from GOGVO tools. I’d like mine to look this good too.

  • Hey Joel & Terry, the penny has dropped for me on how to use Pure Leverage to get my marketing to the next level. Wow!

    Rui Santos

  • Great Video Thank you for sharing.

  • thanks for a stunning video. Very helpful, I was struggling, glad you are going down this path. 
    Perhaps you should, wear a jacket or a neater shirts.

    • You know you are correct. Mike and I have struggled with the “pro” look Vs the hey I wanna work from home look… know what I mean?

  • These two blog posts are so important for all the business owners that do not have a website. Many times people tell me they don’t know how to do this or do that. I have started building a training sub-domain on my marketing domain to teach people how simple getting their website up and running is.

    Some business owners do not have an information technology staff member so the owner has to build their site. I show these owners the incredible hosting plan in GVO and then show them how simple the WordPress software is for adding pages and posts.

    Of course if they do not want to do the website work on their own, I charge a reasonable rate and get their domains registered and up in an hour or so, depending on propagation time with the servers.

  • This is great Joel, this looks so easy to do. Thank you for providing this for us.

  • This is a fantastic video. It’s not only vital if we want to use it for customers, but it’s great for us who just wanted to customize our PL site to brand us. There wasn’t any training available for that, and now we have it. Looking forward to the other videos. Thanks guys! I tried to do this with the help of support and they couldn’t help me do what’s on this video.

    I assume you will have a video on how to add a blog page so the dog grooming business owner can post blogs.

  • Joel you have out done yourself with great information.

  • Great blueprint for building new sites! You make it real easy, Terry – THANKS!

  • I hope, You make me for everything easy. Cause of, I have no technical knowledge at all.Thank’s before

  • GREAT educational and marketing material – Second To None.
    Continue with similiar videos about all Pureleverage tools and marketing Pureleverage will be a breeze.

  • thank you for the support for increasing my wealth. my respect to all

  • Small hiccup…I can’t locate my blog.  Help.  As for this training… YES!! I REALLY LIKE IT! Book marked it. By the way, should I have additional domain names?
    Thank You Joel Therien and Terry Anglin.

  • Hi, Joel, this is great training video for me any anybody, We can save big money for set up webpage by my self.  How I can downlaod this vedio for few time to learning this train as fast as well so it.
    Thank you so much Joel

  • Fantastic Joel. However, I do not understand the delay in putting these 2 videos instantly in the members area with its own URL, so we can use and test them to follow up with our pending members and leads.Why can’t you put a “Join here button” on the page and test it now as it is. If Mikey is slowing you down, just push him through a real window this time.

    Don Gonsalves
    Please try and put a Sign up here and Log in button on all GVO pages.

  • Nice! Really appreciate this video.

  • That’s a great tutorial guys.


  • this is awesome Joel!

  • The training is fantastic here and you won’t get anything like it on the internet today.  You also won’t get a more genuine guy than Joel !

  • I love the video. You have found the best teacher. I would love to be able to get some of his training as a giveaway to build my list. He is priceless.

  • This is just what I needed when I set up 3 months and will be perfect to send to prospects and members – many thanks

  • This is very nice training an i am waiting for your new site .

  • very useful who don’t know

  • Very god Joel…….now help us make our blogs with pure leverage this good

  • Great training too!!!

  • I am glad that I am apart of the Pure Leverage Team I Went Through The A – Z Training Joel Thanks I am learning a lot of powerful things

  • hi thanks you help terry. i need your help

  • Very interesting thank you

  • Barry Thompson.   As a beginner  to blogging and webbing, find this a excellent, tutorial for a beginner  like myself, at the moment it’s all the jargon language, relating to particular  subject, profession, or group. that is all new to me so i use dictionary which helps me out. looked at both videos several times and beginning to understand more clearly, thank you for sending  this video to me, and thank for the opportunity. Barry thompson.

  • ONCE   AGAIN  JOEL            ITS      AMAZING       AMAZING         AND        AMAZING  ‘  ‘       ‘     ‘


    ONCE  THE   WORK   WILL START   ‘ ‘ ‘  RESULT  WILL  .. BE     ..   ‘  INCREDIBLE   ‘ ‘  ‘   ‘ 

             AND  INCREDIBLE    ‘   ‘   ‘   Y O U R S  ‘  D A Y S  ‘   BECOMES   ‘ BACK  ‘  FOR  

                                                ‘ ‘ ‘      S T A B  L  I  N  G  ‘  ‘

  • Very informative Joel.

  • Thank a lot Joel your awesome

  • Great video (again) 🙂

  • Really great training video and easy to follow.
    Company PL possibilities are enormous.

  • Great, great, great – this kinda videos are exactly what I need for my marketing => => great explaining how it works, what those valuable advantages are solving so many problems etc. Video 1 was great, and so is video 2.

    But man, why in the world are you not supplying us with this stuff? Cannot find vids in the back-office for us to use, as it is the case with banners, aff-links, copy and what not? 

    As you for sure know, videos are essential, because THIS is significantly important in nowadays marketing. I say this persistently since 2 years, but too bad, nobody is listening. Those videos are NOT ONLY made for us members,  that would be kinda wastefulness, but it’s the best for explaining our stuff when it comes to interested prospects. People like to hover over images and listen to a video alot more than reading.

    It’s a real shame there is no use possible for advertising purposes. I just need a “SINGLE LINK” for this great vids, that’s it. It will not cost you a dime. But I can use it all over the place. Think about it.

    • It is going in the back office really soon as a blueprint, just making sure you all like them first 🙂

    • we have a HUUUUUUUUGE January coming I promise, this time of the year is the best time to get ready, during the holidays 🙂

  • Great training video, as usual, I have to say. I have learned more from all the video sessions with Terry Aglin than in any other specialied tutorial. I thinks that this is maximiing business opportunities for any business. Have your site designed and hosted in the same site where there is your autoresponder, your video production, your web conference facilities, is really top top quality. How to desire more than that. Great, great Joel!

  • Thanks Joel for your commitment to making this current Value, get even better.
    There is so much Value here and Terry is the best techie trainer I have ever had 
    the good fortune to meet and to get mentored by.

    Love Pure Leverage and GVO.. 

    Happy Holidays to You and Yours ,

    Tina Schraier

  • This video is showing potential customers how they could get their own website up and running for one low monthly price. The information is great to know. I have a question though, if I build a successful and profitable website using my own domain name, and using the PL tools to build it, who owns the site, My company or GVO / Pure Leverage?
    The Most important thing I learned from you Joel is if you want to be a business owner, you must give value to your Consumers, and that what Pure Leverage does. Thanks Joel. 2014 is looking Brighter and Brighter everyday!!!

  • This is exactly why I love GVO tools and services. You can literally build your empire with  a little bit of knowledge and the right tools. Your only limited by your imagination! Great Job Terry simplifying how one can make their website standout literally within 20 minutes when they get the skill set behind them and embrace the tools that are available. Love oyu Joel and Mike and everyone behind the scenes that help make this all possible.

  • Joel your video is great, Terry  did a great job of setting up a blog as a website and an interactive blog that is perfect for SEO for Google. It is amazing what can be done with the proper tools and PURE Leverage has all the tools even Hosting that is so important. Yes the video that would be complete with all Terry’s instructions would be a great asset in your tools for helping all members. Thanks for the great video. It was very good..

  • it is really awesome

  • It was a lot easier to understand than the first one it was great,

  • Excellent second video..All is very clear, easy to understand and reproduce. A success!!!

  • Thanks Joel for the idea and especially thank you Terry for your awsome, as always, training.

  • Awesome…Great … in the video I learn how to build my own website and boost up my income.I love it….Thanks Joel>

  • I was simply in awe of all the great info in this tutorial..well done!! Terry you were awesome once again!Thank you Joel for the much needed insight

  • Joel…is there going to be specific trainings for people/businesses to learn how to set up their blog/website like the one Terry did in this post?

    • Our idea is to finish the blueprint so that on the training calls people come with valid Q&A only… sort of like, Ok I watched the training videos but I have a question on XXXXXX So yes we will for sure

  • Great job. I am impressed with the professionalism of this company. I this company growing into a great resource for businesses. Elygantthings recommends this company. You will be taken care of.

  • I,m speechless with this video all i can say is fantastic training joel

  • PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO JOEL THERIEN:  I love how you always approve the positive comments and leave the rest pending, sometimes it’s better to take some advise even if it’s bad! Also, Joel PLEASE take my suggestion and CHANGE the checkout page’s site certificate! People like to see the colour GREEN(like when you go to rather than red when they are entering their Credit Card number! I have 600+ people who have created accounts and did not pay.

  • I have nothing to add and fantastic blog site and even I do not know what I would rather take the only thing I did not make but you never get a written procedure done would surely think it is very professionally made, but if I understood it right away and make a blog and fantastic sitethanks for al tim joel therin fantastk turtorijal i ok

  • Wow! This was an awesome training video! It gave simple instructions that I struggled with. Thanks so much Joel and Terry!

  • Greetings Joel!
    In  response  for  your  request  for  a  comment I  fully  endorse  this  video  no#2.  It  is  remarkably  clear  and  well  reasoned  at  ever  step  except  insofar  as  the  raison  d’etre  for  removing  certain  features as  for  example  the  Home  Page. However,  the  point  is  that  ‘how  to  do  so’ is  fully  covered  and  ‘easy  to  understand’. I  have  been  recommending  yous  Pure  Leverage  groups  to others  and  will  continue  doing  so  but  need  to  connect  with  the  international  planetary  market  rather than  just  Jamaica  which  can  retard  certain  developmemts. As  soon  as  my  Planet Tachyon  products get moving  to  boost  my  PalPal  account,  I  will  speedily  opt-in  to  your  offers.I  am  in  need  of  a  U.S.A.  account  Payoneer  card  to  benefit  from  sign up  options  of  even  zero  cost. if  a  credit  card is  needed.

  • That is a great video and Terry did a wonderful job explaining how to set up a website.  I have one question though.  In the video, Terry was creating a website for a customer using his blog.  Can we create multiple websites on our blog, or must the customer belong to PL and we edit their blog?

  • As always very practic, and  simple doable.
    Thank you all
    Ezra Wolff

  • Hi Joel,

    Great video, so brief training easy to understand. After watching finally I understood what about Pureleverage is as I am not long time joining it. 

    Thanks again and take care!

  • Excellent video Joel. Terry did a wonderful job of showing each step that is very easy to accomplish in creating a custom site using the PureLeverage suite of tools.

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you for a very clear demonstration of how to set up a web site, for me as i am 65, am a bit if not very slow at picking things up, so need it to be explained  very simply as i have got older my brain is not so fast as it use to be, looking at this viedo think i could use it because it’s very simple to use, especially for people like myself find it difficult with the so call computer jargon, the domain in the dictionary is. Computers a group of computers that have the same suffix in their names on the internet specifying  the country, type of institution , etc, where they are located, which too me is a load of mumble, having  seen this video understand more clearly that it is the name of the web site, thank for your help, and really appreciate the chance to view this video and wish you all the success you deserve by helping people understand more.  take care dreamoulder.

  • Wow, excellent training as usual Joel and Terry!  What a great company, great support, great opportunity!  I’m a very happy customer of Pure Leverage and GVO 🙂

  • Wow. Frankly, I am overwhelmed. I have a lot of questions but I’m sure they will be answered. This is phenomenal. I am not going to create websites for other people. I see this as something I can sell to like minded entrepreneurs. I really want to know what the pricing is. I was a financial advisor for 26 years before I “retired”. My website cost me $35 a month, my autoresponder $25 a month, my hosting $10 a month. In addition, GoToMeeting cost me $50 a month for 25 people and my hosting for my blog cost $10 a month. I didn’t have video email. This is an amazing program. I get more excited every day. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the most financially rewarding business I started was when I was 71?

    Thanks, Terry. This old guy with a beard appreciates you. Does Hoochy Poochy Palor groom Malamutes? 🙂

  • Great resource information. The tutorial was simple, easy to follow and I was able hear and see what the tutor was saying and doing. 

    Now I will go and “Make It So!”  🙂

  • People can learn with your expertise, and grow  theirs business with prosperity. Because the products and tools that you provide are excellent. Thank you Joel.

  • Hey Joel,
    I think the videos were great, and very informative! The details help us with our business and how to make it grow!

  • Great training video, This video is showing potential customers how they could get their own website up and running for one low monthly price. 
    Thank a lot Joel

  • Hi Joel!

    The second video is even better.Terry is really brilliant and PL  is second to none.
    Each day I like this company more and of course because of the great leadership.

    1-To have your own domain with your I believe we can buy that from GVO and then go through the process like this video,correct?At the moment I have the PL blog.Can I have it with my but keeping all the rest?If not if I buy that domain from GVO then can I place it there and keep the rest?I like the blog is right now but I would love to have and even have some other plugins.I am asking that because I already have an account with GVO(I paid the annual membership 4 months ago).

    2-If I buy a domain from GVO and go through the process of this video,can I install some other plugins that today are not allowed with the PL blog?

    Tutorials like this help us promote to business owners who do not want to promote PL as a business but can become loyal customers.Then we can promote to all sorts of professionals such as dentists,lawyers etc.

    Because of the tools are potential here is endless.
    Congratulations Joel and Terry and God bless you all

  • Hi Joel and Terry,
    Excellent video!  Incredibly powerful tool.  I am grateful for your dedication and patience.  As always Terry does a phenomenal job guiding us through all the Pure Leverage tools.  Terry, great training last night!

  • Hi Joel

    This was made very simple. The first one is the most difficult. You do three of them, it is easy after that.  I watch WordPress being made on Youtube, but  Terry made it easier for everyone.

  • Greetings Joel,   I really have to say you really have a master in web creating.  Terry is a great teacher.  I am a new member and I have been taking the classes that Terry has to offer on tuesdays and I really have learn so much with him.   He really has the grace to make things so easy with pure leverage blog.   I really recomend this sistem because it is user friendly.    God bless. 

  • Great Tools!  Thanks for all you do for us.

  • Hey Joel and Terry – I must say from what I have seen so far, Pureleverage has the Best Tools available for Financial Success on the Internet and they are explained is such a way that I can actually understand how to use them.  Thank You to Both of You – Terry Werner

  • Hey Joel
    With each successive Terry Training, I become more familiar with the fundamentals.
    This particular training is excellent, concise and simple.
    Thank you!

  • Pure Leverage is at the top of my best programs list. I use is all day, every day.
    I am outta business without it.
    Thanks, Joel, for a valuable service at an affordable price.
    PLUS, it is a unique and profitable biz op.

  • Joel,
    Wow. Who will not be impressed. This company provides real product and value. Every business need help and pureleverage provides it. Every tool that a Business needs, Website, Blog, Video hosting, autoresponder, Training as well as 24/7 outstaninding support from a great GVO Team.
    What more you can ask. Great Job GVO Team You Rock.

  • hey I watched your video as for me complicated ,hope you can make it easier than this ,thanks for your invitation to watch it ,be blessed good luck

    • Hmmm you are the only one, pls let me know what is confusing. To do this on your own blog would only take you to do it step by step

  • This video is excellent! It really explains everything.  The training is amazing. The videos are clear with step by step explanations. Thank you so much, i really appreciate you Joel and your team.

  • Makes it easier for me to make my clients web presence, then we can move on from there, Terry is really fluid on this one…Thanks Joel, can’t wait to volunteer for you again.

  • I like it alot i would deff recommend 🙂

  • Fantastic video Joel with brilliant content, you mention in the video if a client requires
    Banners designing they can be referred to your good selfs, is this the case if a customer
    Requires a ebook cover.
    Really looking forward to the video explaining how you would actually approach a
    Business with the Pure Leverage system.
    Kind Regards
    Owen Stansfield
    ( UK )

    • Hi Owen yes that does apply any graphics we can do, we are even doing sample contracts for you… video on how to approach is coming 🙂

  • Joel You have gave us the right tools.

  • Excelente! Mesmo sem dominar muito bem o idioma inglês, eu consegui entender quase tudo. Assim que eu puder vou construir meu site pureleverage..

  • Just one question: Can I build a store on your website provider?

  • Well done video and voice. It covers most fundamental stuff, but I would ad how to place a widget for those that are newbies.

  • Hello Joel ! Very,very importent for me this video,good,I like watching and excellent teaching me ! Thank You JOEL ! 🙂

  • It give v ery good information about how to build your own website

  • this is a powerful way of reaching maximum number of people. This is truly amazing. I follow Pure Leverage but I have not had the chance to get conn

  • this is great learning

  • I don’t know specifically, but better than average. It’s Ok, Ok, Ok…

  • This is excellent information and training.  A snapshot view on how simple it is to build your own website is a valuable marketing tool to sell the service.  I would offer one suggestion:  Are there any adjustments that can be made to bring the presentation into focus?  To see the information I have to expand the screen and when I do the information presented is not clear.  Of course one can still follow the training but it would be a better experience for visual learners to clearly see the information presented.   Again Awesome training!  Thanks!

  • Thanks Joel for the step by step on building our website.

  • There! I tell everyone that Pure Leverage is the real deal. This is yet another proof of that.
    Here is where you get all the info:

  • Wonderful video set, Joel! As always, Terry does an excellent job of explaining how to do things, although he does go along at quite a clip! Perhaps a PDF checklist could be worked up that corresponds to the video so that end-users (or whoever is configuring the site) can repeat the process using their own content and specifications without having to monkey around with the video while working on their site(s).

    I still think we could really KILL IT in this market if we had “retail-only” capture pages and sales pages. Most small offline business owners are very protective of their brand, and they want NOTHING to do with anything they perceive to be MLM or has any “get rich quick” hype associated with it.

    I don’t know that I would show either of these videos directly to business prospects, since it’s basically showing them how I’m selling this to them! (I know that transparency is important, but one doesn’t want to “give away the whole store,” so to speak.)

    As the new year rapidly approaches I have great enthusiasm that it will be a fantastic one, with literally MILLIONS of people out there ready to make a change in their financial lives, and GVO/PureLeverage is the perfect vehicle for them to ensure that change is a POSITIVE one!

    May everyone have the happiest of holidays, and the most prosperous New Year!

  • hi  there,
    I ‘m happy for beening with you folks. and I like the video that you are helping me with and i’m happy to be here with you folks merry Christmas and happy new years.

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